Backstory and How to Play Chappie Golf


While teaching golf on Martha's Vineyard, Jim Hackenberg (owner and inventor of the Orange Whip Trainer) fell in love with the bird-filled island of Chappaquiddick – especially The Royal and Ancient Chappaquiddick Golf Links. Passed over by modern golf equipment, this quaint, century-old club inspired the Chappie Golf concept of shorter distance and easier swing.



All golfers love to hit pure shots. Watching a ball arc across the sky – the satisfaction is intoxicating. Chappie Golf’s bird shaped Indigo Bunter features a center-shafted club head while the underbelly serves as a radius sole, allowing the club to glide across the ground as it strikes the Yolk. This unique, balanced design allows for shots on either side of the club while promoting a simpler swing motion to create fades, draws and more.



  • Easy, Multi-loft club face
  • Safe compressed foam ball
  • 2-in-1 for Righties and Lefties


1/3 the Distance, All the Fun!

Practice and Play anywhere! Create fun games with your friends and family to test your skills.


  • Full Swing practice = Fly ball practice 
  • Chipping practice = Grounder practice
  • Around the backyard
  • Beaches and Parks
  • In the Snow